How was your weekend?

Hello everyone,
Well its still the weekend here in Ireland as today is a Bank Holiday :) I hope you all had a lovely weekend, let me know what you got up to. I had a nice relaxing weekend, Saturday I pottered around the house and did some cleaning, the weather was awful out, gale force winds and heavy rain all day long. Saturday evening one of friend visited she stayed until after midnight so we had a great time catching up. She also brought me a belated birthday present as she has not been home in months. So I got a beautiful fluffy brown throw for my bed, it'll be so cosy in the Winter, here it is

She also brought me a fluffy white cushion, it's really pretty and will look lovely on my bed with my new brown throw.

I thought it was Christmas again, as she also got me this very modern photo frame which I will put in my bottom drawer

And she also got me a nice 2010 Diary, she is so good to me. I'll have to think of some nice Christmas presents for her.

Then Sunday the weather improved, we only had a few showers. I met up with my boyfriend and his family, he took us for tea to a lovely hotel, and then last night we stayed in at the fire. I'm like an old woman, I rarely bother going out at night.

Today I'm here updating my blog, the weather is much much better, there is even some sun :) So I'll be off out for the afternoon.

Let me know what you got up to at the weekend?

Oh and heres a little poem on friendship before I go

Friendships are like flowers
That brighten your day
With fragrance and beauty
To share on life's way

So treat them like flowers
From the gardener above,
Weed them with mercy
And water with love.


  1. There's nothing like seeing an old friend and talking all night...lovely gifts, too.

  2. Hi! yep I did change it, I am always fiddling about with things! I should really learn to stay still! Thanks for your comment on my post

    Hope you had a fun Bank Holiday, Sarah x


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