Which house design do you prefer the most for country living?

No. 1: Garage attached with dormers built into wall

No. 2 Garage incorporated on one side with garage door to rear, dormer windows in roof

No. 3  Seperate garage with sunroom/study on side, dormer windows in roof

Which of these houses do you prefer the most and why? Obviously some of them look nicer as they are fully completed, however it is the overall form and design I am asking about. They are all variations on the one plan.


  1. Hello, lovely to meet you! I prefer the bottom house....Tracey XXX

  2. Hi there I love the bottom house too! I think because it has more a New England feel to it that the others,and I adore that sort of look.


  3. Tracey & MBB
    Thanks for your opinions, its nice to get other peoples ideas on things. Personally I prefer the look of No.3 but practically No.1 is probably a better layout upstairs but I dont like the high pitch roof over the windows upstairs. So I have found an even nicer design now which incorporates the design of No.1 (minus the high pitch over the windows) and the finshes of No.3. So its perfect for me!

    Thanks again

    All things nice..

  4. I prefer the last one. I like the warm feel of it. House designs are really wonderful nowadays.


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