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Calligraphy-  The word Calligraphy literally means beautiful writing. Before the invention of the printing press some 500 years ago, it was the way books were made. Today, there are three main types or styles of calligraphy: (1) Western or Roman, (2) Arabic, and (3) Chinese or Oriental. It is mostly in the form of elegant hand writing. It is an art form in itself. It allows you to juxtapose creativity with attention to detail in order to create something beautiful and exact.


  1. What beautiful pictures. Are they your work? very talented.

    I wish I could write even half as lovely. But alas it general looks like a spidery scrawl when i write, it has always bugged me too!


  2. I'm afraid its not my own work, I really enjoy hand writing though, particularly calligraphy however in recent years I haven't done very much, so today I thought about it and I think I will start back at it :) I'll put it on my to-do list

    All things nice....


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