A Visit to Venice

I was away on holidays for the last week and took a break from blogging. I had an amazing holiday visiting Venice Italy first, then getting a cruise to Kotor Montenegro, the island of Corfu. mainland Greece, the island of Mykonos and the island of Kefolonia. We had to do a quick stop off near to Split in Croatia. Then it was back to Venice to catch the wedding of George Clooney. Yes I was on the VIP list!

Below are a few images I took in Venice. The weather was warm but overcast and there was some thunder on the first night but it didn't last for long. Luckily enough we were eating at that time so it didn't bother us. Venice is a beautiful city, so unique with the waterways, the bridges, the narrow lane ways and the wonderful architecture. There are no cars in the city which is great. I would recommend to anyone thinking of visiting to visit in September/October or early Spring as I can imagine the volume of tourists in the summer months could get frustrating. If you have never visited, you really should try as it is well worth it.


  1. Ah, Venice looks gorgeous! Lovely photos, hope you had a wonderful time. - Tasha xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos....Venice looks fab! Hopefully I will get to visit there someday:)

  3. What great photos!!! We visited Venice (and a few of the other places you mentioned) on a P&O cruise two years ago - and LOVED it!!! We've had a few years off cruising, but will definitely be back to it next summer (Baby Bo's first cruise)!!! :-)

  4. Absolutely fabulous pictures!


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