November is well and truly here now, the days are getting much shorter and starting to get colder as the weeks pass. Do you like November? The beuatiful colours of the leaves layered like a golden carpet on our rolling country landscape, the dark evenings closing in on us all too suddenly, the sense of warmth in our homes at the fire with a big hot mug of tea- Yes in ways it is really nice, a secure sense of warmth in our homes and time for our families and friends to come visit us prior to the Christmas rush. Here are a few images of my walk around the farm, you can notice the darkness setting in.


  1. So weird,I left a comment on this post yesterday and I see its not there now....hehehe maybe it was deleted.Don't like November myself. But I love the first pi.

  2. Thanks J, no I didnt get any comments on this blog post yesterday... Thanks for stopping by

    All things nice...


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