An Excuse to Keep Warm and Cosy at the Fire...

The start of November tends to be a bit like the calm before the storm in the build up to Christmas. The Christmas adverts are on television now and lots of Christmas stock in the shops. I shouldn't even be mentioning the big "C word" yet as we still have 6 weeks to go.

This weekend we decided to take it easy and relax, apart from some house work.  It is chilly out today and you just want to stay indoors and keep warm at the fire. We have the wood burning stove on and the living room is nice and cosy for the long night ahead. So time for some cooking, reading, blogging and watching TV. In the meantime, I have gathered together the images below for you. I am drawn to them as they all look like warm snug interiors from my travels around the Castles of Ireland.


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