Some Spring Time Inspiration.... :o)

Here are some more interior inspiration for you all, please forgive me as I don't have credits for these images but if you know what website I got them from, remind me.

Firstly here are a selection of floral patterns which look wonderful with the plain block colour of the sofa,

And how cosy is this living room, although I have to say those beams would quickly become a nesting place for a variety of spiders and insects which I am not fond of in the home.

This bathroom is very clean and crisp looking with the white walls and furniture, I like the idea of a white bathroom which you can then accessorise with coloured towels and mats to change the mood of the room, floral pattern towels in the summer time and darker brown, black rust, red, green and grey tones in the winter months for warmth. The aqua in this bathroom looks very bright and fresh looking.

More patterns used on a white palette, so cheerful and bright all year round :o)

How pretty is this utility room and although the washing machines are not integrated with a door on them, they don't distract from the room, the rack to hang clothes is very handy and I love how practical this room is.
So that's some of the interiors I really like this week, they are all colourful and cosy just the way I like them and practical too :o) What interiors are you liking this week, why not share them with us all, let me know if you post some as I love getting lots of inspiration..


  1. Lovely photos - how I wish my house was like these (tidy)! I have a rail like the one shown in my laundry too, it's just so useful for drying things on hangers and Husband's shirts can hang there until they are ironed.xx

  2. I wish my house would be so sunny and bright:)
    We don't have in Ireland so many sunny days but why old cottages are so cute and windows so small?
    More, more sun please and lovely colours like yours:)

  3. Ooo I love these rooms. I especially like the fourth picture with all those sumptuous cushions and throw. Please can that be my house!

  4. ooooooohhh one can dream and dream and dream- those images are heavenly!! wow i love the wallpapers and throws on the utility room is the 'dumping ground' its made me realise i need to get in there and sort the odd socks and tidy away all the clutter from day to day usage!...thnks for comment on my blog i will check out your postings x

  5. So fresh and inspiring!! Love the top pic! xxx

  6. I could live in anyone one of those rooms, all so fresh and peaceful looking. Take care:)


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