Come explore with me today....

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend and a nice break too. I spent time with my family and boyfriend today. As always we went exploring the countryside. Here are a few photographs of some of the sites we saw on our travels. Hope you like them. This was a quaint sleepy village, it looked like time had almost forgotten it, it would make a lovely setting for a vintage fair or market. So why not come along with me and have a look around the village....
Large Parochial House

One of the two Churches in the village

Pretty ironwork gates

The village green with tower clock

Village Hair Salon
One of the small stone cottages

Another stone house

 Clock tower
The Garda Station
 Hope you enjoyed the stroll around. Did you get up to anything nice today?


  1. Love the pictures! So quaint and perfect... Wish I was there right now!

  2. how lovely! Love the village hairdressers! xxx

  3. What gorgeous sites! Such amazing architecture...what a lovely adventure!
    Happy Easter! xox

  4. Thank you for the tour, I hope to find a village just like it when I visit in June. Love the hairdressers' cottage. Had to cook an Easter dinner for family, small group this year and No leftovers...hate leftovers. Take care and Happy Easter.

  5. I enjoyed the tour much, love the architecture! Eye candy to me!!
    Have a wonderful Easter monday, don't eat too many chocolate eggs ;)

  6. Love those gates!

    Happy Easter, enjoy Bank Holiday Monday,

    Sarah x

  7. oh thank you.. i did enjoy that bit of exploring :o)


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