Come along with us on our Sunday tour....

This Sunday I had a fully charged camera to bring on our trip to Lovely County Leitrim. Why not explore all the lovely sites I saw. It was dry and sunny but cold at times. I hope you like the photographs. The first is of the courthouse, It was converted into a gallery/ theatre and design house for arts and crafts.
Here are a few of the boats that travel along the Shannon Erne Waterway in Carrick on Shannon.
A pretty quaint courtyard which now houses a coffee shop but it was closed when we were there.
Another view of the boats at the waterfront.
Again the old cut stone courtyard buildings, I think they have markets here on Thursdays.
More cruise boats
This is said to be the smallest Church in Ireland, isn't it very quaint. I couldn't get a great photograph of it as there was a car on the street blocking the view.

We went on a stroll through this wee urban park which lead to the waterfront.
And came across this converted church which is now a restuarant.
And a closer look, it is nicely restored, I love when old ecclesiastical buildings are converted into new uses.
A Georgian house which was located next to the courthouse, very grand indeed.
Pretty cherry blossoms I just had to photograph them, they are such lovely trees with their perfect pink petals.
This landscaping was in a small village we passed through, isn't it pretty with the bog oak sculpture and the water feature.
And across from this sculpture was this wee railway man on the signage to mark the village railway station
So there you have it, our tour on Sunday, it was quite short but there was lots to see. We hope to make it to the seaside some of the weekends soon :o) I love the sea air and I'll be sure to take some photographs to share with you all :o)


  1. All so beautiful! I think I forgot to mention before that I want to go to Ireland more than anywhere else in the world :). You are very lucky!

  2. Lovely photos, I cannot believe that I haven't visited Ireland yet! The countryside there is just so stunning.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. What a lovely weekend! :) I'm very jealous of the spring weather, its getting cold here!

  4. What a beautiful village, looks cold with the gray skys. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Oh! darling, on my list of 100 things to do before I die, visiting Ireland is somewhere between number 7 and 10. Thanks for this lovely tour. I am off to bed now. Wishing you a week full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  6. Exploring on the weekend is so much fun. You've taken some beautiful shots!

  7. What lovely pictures. I feel as if I have been there right along with you!!! xxoo

  8. I enjoyed taking that little tour with you.
    You live in such a beautiful country with the friendliest people in the world!
    Look forward to seeing your beach pictures soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. It's me again! I just wanted to let you know I have an award waiting for you...

  10. so beautiful and I just love the little church!! xxx


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