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Two of my good friends launched a brand new innovative website last year and it is really taking off now. They have combined their love of pets and computers to launch the website Pet Talk. It is all about pets and animals. We all love cute animals, be it puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, rabbits or even reptiles. Lots of you have pets too, they make great companions don’t they.

There is alot of interest in the website from animal lovers all over the world. It is a community and trading hub for all things pet related. Their site is a place for pets and their owners (aka you and me) to gather and swap daily tails of adventure. Having spoken to Jonathan the owner of the site he thinks of it as social networking for pets and their owners. So why not check out their new pet pages and add a pet page for your own furry friend (I did- bet you'll be able to spot my pets anyway!).

The pet pages allow you to build a profile of your pet, blog about your pet and most importantly add photos so everyone can see just how cute they really are. People can vote for their favourite pet. PetTalk also offers you a chance to share your pet stories, queries and general pet talk in the forum area. Even if you don’t have a pet you’ll enjoy looking at the cute animals. So I recommend that you check this new community and website out and get your pets featured on it!


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