Down on the farm today....

Hello my blogger friends, visitors and anyone stopping by......

Last weekend I didn't get to go anywhere nice, the weather wasn't great so it was a stay at home weekend but sometimes I think we all need time to just relax at home, catch up on chores and meet with friends and family.

So I have no Sunday Trip photos to share with you. Hope your not too disappointed but I just had to share these few photos with you. They are taken just outside the back door of our house in the garden this week, they belong to our neighbour but I want to keep them all :) I hope you like them now... They are so so cute...

Mother and wee baby lambs

{"Come on Maaa, what are you looking at?"}

{"Oh look there is a silly girl there looking at us"}

{"Pass no remarks on her and she will go away, I prefer to eat this shrub/plant"}

{"Oh go on then, I'll pose for a second for the camera"}

I'm a big child, but when it comes to cute wee lambs I love them :) So playful and full of life :)


  1. That's so awesome. Never got to lounge with lambs in NYC!

  2. They are so cute, I hope you have better weather this weekend. Take care.

  3. So sweet! I would love to be able to go to the countryside and see lambs...unfortunately, there are none around here.

  4. The little lambs are so sweet when they are this small,lovely for you to have them so close

  5. Am so jealous of this green lovliness. Is that what they call "nature?"

  6. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the precious little lambs.


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