Thank you so so much :-)

I was working late this evening and when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me :) Exciting! I knew where it was from, it was my wonderful prize I won over at ..... A Mermaids Purse.... Kazzys wonderful blog, full of lots of pretty interiors, crafts, illustrations and images. Full of lovely treasures and personal touches. Thank you so much Kazzy :)
Have a look!
What is this???
Oh an envelope....

And look what's inside...
How pretty is this card, it is so me- floral patterns, flowers, birds and butterflies...
And more...

A lovely receipe which I must try, I'm trying to improve my cooking skills
And there's even more...
At this stage I was smiling from ear to ear, I could also smell something really nice..
and here it is...
I've named her Lucy
So adorable and she smells lovely too :) Think she'll fit in really well in my bedroom near the radiator as she will leave a lovely scent in my room :-)

And last my not least- the masterpiece of my parcel... I got a sneak peek of it on Kazzy's blog but it looks much much prettier and perfect in reality...
Look at the detail of the wee mouse, think that's Lucy :-)
And look at the fairy, the detail and delicate flowers in her hair, I think it is adorable and want to get it framed as soon as possible.
Thank you so much Kazzy you are so kind and such a good blogger friend. Sending lots of good wishes and hugs across the water to you and Sweetpea :) I will try and have your return parcel in the post this weekend.


  1. you have made my heart skip- thank you x
    you deserved it sweet hearted friend x
    hope lucy makes herself at home nicely hehe x

  2. Now that looks lovely. Enjoy all your gorgeousness and the new week! xx

  3. Oh lucky, lucky, lucky! It should look great framed!

  4. What a wonderful picture, so detailed. It will look fantastic framed. Your are very lucky.

  5. Oh how lovely, you lucky thing!

    Can't wait to see your stunning picture framed!

  6. wow -- how lovely and thoughtful!

    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

    happy june ~*~



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