Seven Things I love about Where I live...

My good friend Karen from Tilly Rose, passed the "Make me Smile Award" on to me, thank you so much Karen your Blog Tilly Rose always makes me smile and as requested in return here are Seven Things I love about Where I live... they make me smile lots and create a great sense of belonging and pride. Here goes;

No. 1 Our lovely lakes at home, the one below is just a field away from my house, no matter what direction you turn from my home you will come across lakes. In our County alone there is said to be a lake for every day of the year.

No.2 Our country houses, dotted throughout the rural area, I love exploring these grand houses and getting a glimpse into what life must have been like living in such magnificent surroundings.

No. 3 Our windy country laneways which are very narrow but create a great sense of the unknown around each corner, we have high hedgerows along most of the laneways so your always wondering what's behind them or around the next corner you turn- It's always a surprise :o)



No. 4  The sky from my bedroom window throughout the year

No. 5 My family and my boyfriend are what make my house a home and my space a place in the world. They bring all the love and joy to my life :o) They are somewhat camera shy so no photographs of them- sorry, but just imagine very good looking people with friendly smiles and warm hearts :o)

No. 6 My belongings... I have way too many favourites to start posting photographs but here are a few. The first is my wee tattered and torn teddy, the second photograph is a crochet handbag my gran made which I dyed (she has since passed away) and the final photograph is of the organ she left to me.


No.7 And last but not least the green green grass of home...


  1. Amazing things all of them and very good pictures! You're lucky to live in such a wonderful place!

  2. You are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place, That handbag & organ are real treasures. xxx

  3. Ah all so beautiful!! You are completely lucky and blessed to live here!!

  4. What a lovely post and place you live!

    Just lovely.

    MBB x

  5. Beautiful Photos, know what you mean about country lanes its the same where I live, and a lake for everyday wow that sounds awesome would love to see them all,I have enjoyed looking at all the things that make you smile,Thank you

  6. Lovely post. You live in such a beautiful area and with a very well loved teddy, bless!

  7. I'm moving to Ireland!!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  8. What a lovely post and some amazing photographs too!

    Thanks for your comments over at my blog, have been thinking of you this week as there is such amazing bird song in my back garden...would love to know what birds I have nesting - I have no clue, but spotted a little yellow and black chap this morning!!

    Best wishes, Mrs C xx

  9. When you make home sound as beautiful as that no one will want to leave, I may as well terminate my travel blog! Lovely photos :)

  10. You certainly live in a beautiful place. Kim :)

  11. Your photos are great. You certainly live in a beautiful place.

  12. Ooooh what afabulously goooorgeous post hunny! Thank you so definately DID make me smile
    Karen x x x


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