Another Weekend down on the Farm..

This weekend the weather was wonderful here in Ireland, it was 26 degrees. Everyone was out and about and I spent some time on Sunday wandering around the farm. I spotted a big birds nest and low and behold there were eggs in it. Then I spotted the mother- she is a wee Moor Hen very secretive. She has nested in a small pond like water body in the farmyard which is unusual especially when there are lakes all around, but at least she will be safe here. I read that Moor Hens like to eat animal feed so that may be why she nested right in the farmyard. Here are a few photographs of my stroll around the farmyard. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had lovely weather too :o)
Can you spot the nest?

Take a closer look, it's blurry as I had to zoom in alot

And can you spot the eggs??
 There are two in sight and possibly more, I also read that it takes the chicks 21 days to fly so I hope to get some photographs of them. Hopefully I will not miss them.

Here are a few other photographs of paradise...
As I look around at the lovely landscape, the trees, the lakes, the scrub, the islands- it seems like time has stopped, no people, no buildings, just the wonders of the natural world all around me, my escapism!

This bull was relaxing in the shade, I was the other side of the hedge and fence though!! He had a big ring in his nose- very stylish!!


  1. That is a new bird for me, I had to look up what it looks like. Glad you were on the otherside of the fence from the bull, they can be so unpreticable. Have a wonderful week:)

  2. Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous place. So tranquil.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week!

  3. I just love these pictures, my Irish blog friend! What gorgeous landscape :)

  4. Paradise indeed! Vivid green and clear blue skies, so pretty! :-)

  5. True paradise....I've said it before but, you are one lucky girl living in that amazing place! xxx

  6. Lovely photos and definitely my escape too!

    I was watching a programme , only two days ago, where a family of Moorhens had a nest in a tree!
    Sadly,none of the chicks survived as when it came to getting out of the nest they did not survive the shock of the drop into the water.

    Have a lovely day ;-)

  7. Seems like heaven on earth. Divine! Hope you enjoyed the days and do let many many days follow!

    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. xx

  8. It looks so idylic..I would LOVE to be there right now! I hope you get to see those moorhen chicks when they hatch.

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. lovely sunny pics :0) looking forward to seeing the chicks once they hatch! han x

  10. Oh no, sorry you couldn't see the pics, I've reloaded now, have no idea how that happened!! x

  11. Aahh! It looks like a wonderful place to be. Valerie


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