Exciting times....

Well my new home is coming along well, all the upstairs walls are in place and they need to be slabbed and plastered. We are currently looking at windows, which is proving more difficult than I thought. Anyway I was very excited when I heard this good news. I am having a wood burning stove which will heat the snug, up to 12 radiators and also the water. I want a stanley stove which is an Irish brand. In order to fulfill our brief the Waterford Stanley Erin Stove was the one we would have to go with. I wasn't that keen on the look of it though. Here is an image of it below, it is based on more traditional style.

But low and behold they just launched this new stove- Stanley Reginald Solid Fuel Stove which I really like, I love the more streamlined look and it will look much nicer in my new home. What do you think?? I have not yet priced it though so fingers crossed it won't be too expensive!!  
{Images from Waterford Stanley}


  1. Oh I love the stove, how cosy! Love the classic fireplace (great for decorating - haha me and my decor mind) too. If you have room I'd have both...:-) xx

  2. I love the stove too...I have a wonderful fireplace ..but this looks so cozy and inviting...enjoy it..!Congrtas one the new home..!

  3. That's a gorgeous stove! I love it, hope it's not too expensive, fingers crossed! :) x

  4. Beautiful and elegant, i lake it!!!
    Very nice blog!

    Kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art


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