Update No. 5 on my new home...

Here you go, as you can see the upstairs windows are taking shape, the roof is felted and now we are waiting to get the side gables plastered and windows in before we get the roof tiled. It really is coming along quick but the inside work will be slower progressing. At least it will be water tight for christmas!
I always take photographs from this angle and you can't really see the sunroom to the right hand side as this is where the opening is from the road and also there is a large pile of topsoil in the way to take a photograph from straight on. To the left hand side there is a room in the attic space,  this will be my secret room/ den which I will put all my books in and a small desk :)


  1. your new home is certainly coming on quickly its looking really good,
    A secret room sounds nice, somewhere to hide away and relax lol.

  2. Looking great! So exciting, I'm happy for you! XX!

  3. Your new home is certainly coming along quickly! It's simply gorgeous! You are going to love living there-Kudos to you!

  4. Not long now..and you will be able to start making your lovely new house a 'home'. So excited for you! :o)

  5. Wow! It's really coming along how exciting for you!! xx

  6. Wow, your new home looks good already.

  7. Hello,
    this is my first time in your blog.. i found you through the Little Emma English Home.
    I think your brand new house looks gorgeous!
    I'll follow you! :O)

  8. Wow! It's definitely taking shape now, isn't it? So very exciting i'm sure!:-)

  9. That's a lot of progress, how time flies! Very exciting..Rachael


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