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I stopped by the House and Home website and came across these fabulous interiors from Melissa Thompson and Rod Moore's home. They are just a breath of fresh air. Hope you like them as much as me!
{All images from House and Home Magazine}


  1. how beautiful, lots of inspiration for your new home im sure ;0)
    i especially like the dining area! though alittle too bare for my liking id fill it up to the rafters with little treats and treasures hehe x
    the cabinets i buy are usually from old furniture shops or antique markets and charity shops...sometimes TKMax have some...
    i have seen quite a few down here in Devon but its all about the thrifting, as i wont pay alot for them.
    best wishes x

  2. That table and the fireplace how dreamy!

  3. The sitting room( in the first pic) is just the same as in the flat I rented before I was married.I wish it had looked as beautiful as that! You always show us such lovely rooms. :o)

  4. Such dreamy decor!

  5. Oh! I am in love, such gorgeousness! Have a sweet day!

  6. How fresh and pretty! I love the robin's egg sofas - a nice change from white. I could live very happily here... :)


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