Just a Hint of Pink...

From reading my blog you are probably all aware that I like all things girly and pink. I have a keen interest in interior design and love reading any interior books or magazine. I love Escape to the Country and Grand Designs on TV. I am not the best of people with computers but I have tried to put together some inspirational ideas for my dream home :) Here is a nice mix of girly, glamour and just a hint of pink. I love white furniture, however here in Ireland people don't tend to use it very much in their homes, maybe it's because it can look a bit stark at times if not complemented with other colours. As our weather is dull and can be quite cold it may be another reason by people don't use it as much, they may perfer darker wood furniture which feels warmer. Anyway I'm going off the point there. So do you like pink?? As the saying goes 'Pink makes the boy wink'.


  1. A woman after my own heart...pink is my favourite :o)

  2. Pink is everything beautiful in my eyes!! love it!!...i dont tend to paint the walls in it but i do love all my ickle things that decorate to be pretty and if pink a bonus!! hehe...love that image- i love that vintage rose detail in pink often used by cath kidston- pure beauty! lovely post xxxxx ;0)

  3. What a lot of prettiness. I love lots of colours but do have a soft spot for pink!


  4. Bonjour,
    How pretty, just the right mix of pink to make a glamorous space.
    Bon Sinday!

  5. Hello to you!
    You know how much I love pink! I love the whole white with a touch of pink. It's funny because I will be doing a post about white with a touch of pink in the near future. I have had it up my sleeve before Christmas but with all the good Christmas
    pictures there were to post I decided to leave it to post until the new year. That's so funny! I guess great minds think alike :) I love your saying...Pink makes the boys wink! It's so cute.
    Have a wonderful day and see you soon!

  6. Pink is such a happy colour.I love dark pink though,and combined with blue...yummy!


  7. hi hunny....ditto, ditto, ditto! yay for everything pink!
    can't beleive how so alike we are....LOVE Escape to Country too!....liking your new look!
    Have a good week...
    Karen x x x

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment. I love pink as it happens. Such a warm and pretty colour, I couldn't be without it in the house!
    I know what you mean about white sometimes looking cold ot stark. I live in Somerset and it rains a lot here. Our walls and floor are painted off white but it works OK because of the curtains, sofa and floral pictures on the wall.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  9. Keep it up with the colour inspiration - we're hoping to move soon and this is giving me great food for thought!

  10. oops, my comment did not post! i had written it this morning yet. anyway, what i want to say is - pink is nice in a young girl's room but i don't think i would like mine to be pink. but i won't mind putting a dash of pink through linens and some knick-knacks.

  11. I love pink sooo much!! I just love being in Lottie's bedroom...all pink with sweet little hearts and pink stars...I am in my element in there lol!! I would like pink everywhere but Steven isnt too keen lol...I just have my little pink accessories everywhere :) xxxx

  12. Very pretty! I love the different shades of pink, they look gorgeous!

  13. Pretty, truly why it is bliss. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All my best in the week to come,

  14. Sorry for the lack of contact the last few days, I have been busy. Glad you all enjoyed the pink post, today I posted my January blues post, hope you enjoy and get some inspiration :)

    All things nice...


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