First Completed Project of 2010!

I still haven't started the card making yet, hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll have got a chance to start it. This evening I took down the Christmas tree and the decorations and tidied up the living room and kitchen. The rooms look so neat and tidy now. I do love the Christmas decorations and tree but after so long I get fed up with them. I cut up all the nice pictures of the Christmas cards we got and I will use them to make new ones next year to give to friends and family members. I didn't have much time for crafting although I did get my wall hanging finished. Alot of you were asking me how my sewing is going with the new machine. I have started with making two wee hearts which I need to fill and maybe put some lavendar in. They are very basic looking and one doesn't really look like a heart it's a slightly weird shape :) I will take a photograph of them and show them to you to see what you think (and you will have to be honest). After all as Oscar Wilde would say experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes :) I need to get material though as all I have are old scraps of clothes which aren't very practical to use. I might try and get some old sample curtain material from a lady that makes and sells curtains. Here is a photograph of my completed wall hanging which I have just completed this evening.

I have a list of projects to do which include;
  • Continue with my Bird ID Booklet
  • Keep practicing my sewing on the new machine
  • Make my first homemade card tomorrow
  • Start a new cross stitch pattern of a lady
  • Start my home interiors ideas scrap book
  • Start rearch for some of my college assessments.
What crafty or creative stuff have you got planned?

Suki chilling out at the fire :)


  1. Your wall hanging is beautiful! Great job! I remember doing one of those years ago and turned it into a pillow for my youngest brother. I never thought of turning it into a wall hanging...
    I can't wait to see your newly sewed hearts...
    warm hugs! xx

  2. I never ever buy fabric! Family donate to me, sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, curtains...etc.!! I also pick up wonderful bargains at the charity shops & cut 'em

  3. Well done you! A lovely crafting start to 2010!
    looking forward to seeing your hearts. I use any fabric just like Tracey....anything that can be cut up and used again is fab (and cheaper!)
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. What a crafty list!! I think of great things to do and then fail as I havent got the patience...the only thing I do without getting fed up is card making and crafting with the children! I would love to get my head into something like sewing though!! xxx

  5. Your wall hanging is so pretty!! I love Christmas but It's was such a wonderful feeling to put the decorations away and clean up.
    Your blog is so pretty,

  6. And it's only the first week of January! Gold star for you!

  7. What a lovely start to the new year,a beautiful wall hanging!It's so snowy and icy round here I have been staying in and sorting and tidying the Xmas decs ready to go in the loft.Took me twenty minutes to detangle the lights,but I'll be pleased when I come to use them next year!Suki is such a sweet cat.She looks like she enjoys lots of fuss.


  8. Love your wall hanging its so colourful as well as sweet.

    Well I do have apirations of colourful throw from my sofa in the dinning room, I can knit though only basic but I cant crochet at all. But feel very drawn to all those beautiful granny square creations that out there in blog land. But not sure if I could pick it up all that quick. That is the thing with me I want to be able to do these things straight away! lol.

    Keep at the sewing, ah buying fabric, warning its very addictive, before you know it you will drooling over fabric websites! lol.

    MBB x


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