Some Crafty Cardmaking Supplies for 2010

Hello fellow bloggers,

It is early days yet but how is 2010 going for you so far? Did you do anything nice for the first weekend of the year? Or have you been relaxing or cleaning up after Christmas? I went to the Euro Shop this weekend and got a pack with lovely stickers and three sheets of patterned floral paper for cardmaking and I also picked up blank cards and envelopes, take a look at them below. So now I can start to make some greeting cards. It's two of my friends birthdays in February so I'll make them a handmade card and I may also attempt a Valentine's one too as I'm new to cardmaking haven't tried it myself since primary school.Weather is still very cold here in Ireland and its freezing very hard but I'm lovely and warm here at the fire. I had a few bits to finish off on my latch hook mat with the cats on it, so I finished it tonight. Now I am working on my new latch hook wall hanging. My sewing has a lot to be desired for, I made two wee hearts which aren't fully complete yet but they are very rough and ready. I will also have to do some work on my Bird ID Booklet this week too. What craft project are you working on now?

Floral paper and stickers

Close up of some of the stickers

Clear stickers

Blank cards & envelopes

To live a creative life,
we must lose our fear of being wrong
~Joseph Chilton Pearce


  1. Thanks always for your encouraging words...your visits always make me smile :)
    I am new to cardmaking as well and have bought some supplies recently but none are as pretty as yours! I can't wait to see what you make!
    Currently not working on any projects although I need to make something lickety-split for my mother in law whose birthday is next week. xx

  2. Lovely stuff, you're going to be busy with all that! xxx

  3. Good luck with your projects you sound as though your having a fab time sitting by the fire crafting.....bliss!
    Stick with the sewing'll come with practice
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. hi love the glittery card making sheets you brought, haven't seen any like that, look forward to seeing the finished cards, I love making cards its very addictive, think you will too, they say its minus 2 here in Cornwall this morning, have to go out would rather stay in and craft, have a good day.

  5. What pretty stickers and paper. I am sure you will make some beautiful cards with that.

    Not working on anything at the mo, in fact have that new year had too long a break not sure where to start thing going on at the mo! although do have lots of new ideas! lol.

    Well I think its about -6 here! very cold. It almost hurts to breathe when you are out and about! brrr. Staying by the fire sounds like a good plan!


  6. oh good luck with the card making - be careful, it can be addictive! :)

  7. A great idea. You'll see you'll love this activity. Good luck and have fun!!


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