A book worm..

I love books, be it fiction, fairytale or folklore, I love them all. Every since I was a child I always loved books and book shops and book shelves and libraries. I used to read the dictionary when I was a child too- yes I told you before I was a nerd! I also kept books underneath my pillow. I sold all my Barbie dolls and other dolls when I was 11 to buy second hand Enid Blyton books. I donated alot of my childhood books to charity and local community bring and buy sales.  Here are a few childhood books I still have;

I still love to read this Aesop's Fables Book and when I was teaching, the children loved listening to the fables.

My Enid Blyton including Famous Five and Secret Seven Collection, I read these books so quick I remember very little of them :)

And then as I got older I started with the girly flick chick books

And some more...

So you get the picture, I have lots of books and have given away many others.

Here is some inspiration in the form of  a few lovely book shelves and home libraries.

If you would like to see some really intersting book shelves and bookcases I have come across this cool blog called the Bookshelf. It's well worth a look when your free.


  1. Wow I love books too and like you still have a selection from my childhood.

    I would love to have a library, it would be fantastic, I like the last picture of the bookcase framing the bedroom door, aahhh... dream on S-J!

    Sarah x

  2. When I was small, my sister and I would pretend we had a library, and would get all the neighbours children to come round and 'take' our books out.We stuck little 'ticket holders' in the front of all the books...much to our mother's dismay!My sister has made her study into a library,so I know where to go if I want a certain book.


  3. Hi hunny....I LOVE LOVE LOVE books...every single type!
    I loved Enid Blyton when I was young....oh how I longed to play hockey at Mallory Towers!
    I'm definately a bookaholic in disguise!
    Maybe we should do a bookswap across the waves?
    Let me know if you fancy it?
    I wish I lived in a big enough house to have my own library....how lovely that would be...
    Last year I stopped reading because of all the stress I faced but I've just started to read again...such joy!
    Happy Reading...
    Karen x x x

  4. Oh Books books and more books! I have always dreamed of owning a house large enough to have a room or space dedicated to just housing books! In fact I have this dream of having livingroom that has a vast ceiling height, so I can have a mezzinine floor, and of course that is where my libary would be, complete with an open fire to gaze up on from down below. Oh well a girl can dream.

    I have a least got my floor to almost ceiling height white bookcases now. So you never know.

    I used to love Enid Blyton when growing up. And I certainly recongnized some of your more grown titles in the pictures!

    Happy reading.


  5. lovely blog, just joined and will be back again. happy blogging

  6. I love the idea of the bookcase chair - though my ideal one would be very very comfy!

  7. i love books too, and it saddens me that i have to sell many them (dirt cheap) when i move house because the one i moved into don't have enough space for bookshelves.
    for some reason, i just kept the encyclopedia.

  8. OMG you've just brought me back - I had that Aesops Fables book as a child and I loved it - I use to copy all the images inside and I even remember TRYING to draw the front cover! :)

  9. heyyyyyy.....hiiiii.....your blog is awesome.........i really feel that you have the talent to see life in a really different angle ....... i'm really impressed by your thoughts.... i should admit that u have a great taste to ur life.... i heartifully wish u all d best for ur sweet future.....

  10. Love your collection of books. The book shelves are wonderful. I especially like the Country Living one.

  11. Thank you all for your comments, I do love my books. Rebecca, I used to do the exact same and my profile photograph is this Aesop's Fable book :) So we got something in common :) A bookswap across the waves/miles sounds good doesn't it. I will be in contact Karen in relation to this. It would be a good idea, rather than going out to the bookstore or second hand shop to buy some books, we could send a book by post to each other :)

    All things nice...


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