Shopping Spree...

With the voucher I got from my birthday earlier in the Autumn I got these pretty items. Hope you like them. First I bought two of these pretty pale blue cushions with roses all over, they were €4.00 each
Then I bought two of these flock cushion €4.00 each again.
And finally two of these pretty lamps, they are medium size at €10.00 each.
So that's a total of €36.00 for 6 items from Heatons- all for my bottom drawer, got with my gift voucher!


  1. Great buys, they will look great in the new house. Love the first pillow.

  2. Hi the first cushio looks like CK doesn't it, bu ata fraction of the price-well done you at getting the 'look' with your thrifty, stretchy pounds! jennyx

  3. Some really nice buys there. I bet you cant wait to put them in their place in your new home. Not sure if I have already put a comment on here. My computer (or me) went a bit crackers there for a minute!

    Sorry if there is.

    MBB x

  4. Lovely buys, they'll look great in your new house! :) x

  5. Great pillows, I love the first one:)
    If You need pillow covers for Your new house tell me or follow my blog, big news soon;D
    XOXO :)


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