Adding some festive features to the home...

Spotty cushion covers €8.00 each from Heatons. They are really cute with white lace edging on them.
Fluffy hearts and Christmas tree decorations from IKEA.
Our Christmas tree is massive this year, it doesn't look that big in this picture, but it over 10 foot tall. My husband got it in the forest near by. I still have some decorations and red bows to add to it. I have added the red and white spotty cushions I bought in Heatons at the weekend. Sorry the quality of the images are bad.

 This weekend I will finish off all my decorating. This is our first year in our new home so I am still buying new deocorations.


  1. lovely, the first year in your new home, you will be finding lots of places to put decorations!!


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