Cath Kidston meets IKEA....

I went to IKEA last week and bought these pretty Rosali bed clothes for our bedrrom, the looks like CK but for half the price :) I thought they might be a bit hard but they are so warm and cosy- I love them :)


  1. Ooh I love Ikea Rosali! It is quite an old design, I have some original pieces which I've had a good few years, and it was reintroduced last year I think. It has always been rumoured that the great CK designed Rosali before she became so successful, but I've yet to discover if it's true. Anyway, love yours, I have it in white, but the blue is lovely too, and I've been Granny Chicing lampshades with scraps I've saved. Sorry for rabbiting on!

    Claire xxx

  2. IKEA's great for fabrics! I always have to make a pit-stop in that section of the shop!

  3. We have it in my daughters room. It is used on and off over the past 9years. We have the blue and white! I couldn't decide so both two sets of both! I still love it and it is still in amazing condition. It will never date. You have made a good purchase!!


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