Tis the Season to be Jolly....

I got my Christmas holidays Friday, so it's now time to really get into the Christmas spirit. I met with friends yesterday for a nice meal.It was good to catch up. I hope to finish decorating my home tomorrow.  I waited this long as I want fresh Holly, Ivy and festive shrubby which I will get on the farm.  I took some inspiration from pinterest today and wrote on my chalkboard, I decided to put it on an old vintage ladder I was using to decorate my tree. What do you think? I need to add real Holly and Ivy to it in the morning. I will give you an update photo then.


  1. Lovely idea - it will look very festive with the Holly and Ivy! Merry xmas :-)

  2. I need to write something festive on my board! Enjoy your Christmas days.

  3. I am like you, time to go for a walk to cut the holly for inside.

  4. Yes I love it! I am going to go out tomorrow and get the ivy too. Very little holly around here this year though. So I will take a bit of inspiration from you and see what I can come up with, a very very happy Christmas to you, Catherine:~))


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