Some Cute Cushions...

How pretty are these cushions all under €20.00 from Heatons, my favourite is the the one on the top left- so delicate and sweet isn't it? I hope you are all having a lovely weekend where ever you are! 


  1. love all of theese. the pink felt one is my favourite. I am really eenjoying your blog, its always good to stumble across another irish blogger!

  2. Cute cushions! Hoping that you're enjoying sorting out all the little touches for your new house! :) x

  3. It looks like your house plans are really coming to fruition! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog - I'd crack up if I didn't keep making stuff - though times are rather busy at the moment!

  4. I really like the yellow one with all the other pretty colours on it. Lovely for the Spring months. You always post about the nicest things. xxx

  5. that mossy green is so cute. its very nice if paired with white bed sheet.

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