Before and after images....




Some before and after images, not quiet finished yet though!
1 and 2 are images of my main entrance hall which is double height, I have yet to get my stairs,as you can see from the images above we have moved the old wooden steps out and replaced with a ladder for a while. Number 3 is my study/library which is up in the eaves. It's my hidden room and all that is left is the light, skirting board and door. I used some laminate flooring my dad had left over from his house. 


  1. I love your study, what a luxury! I have just moved into my own new study/studio/office. Problem is I'm not sure what to call it. I look forward to seeing your finished, good luck with it all.....

  2. wow its all really taking shape now- all looks beautiful even at the rustic stage- love the arched roof/ ceilings to the bedroom ;0)
    what a dream house ;0)x


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