Spread a little Sunshine....

A big thank you to Bellaboo from Bellascountry for the Sunshine Award. You should go take a look around her blog it is beautiful and Bella the Golden Retriever is so cute. With all these dull days, a little sunshine would be nice and here it is in the form of the Sunshine Award to brighten up my day.

I have passed on a number of awards last month and again last week so instead of passing on this sunshine award, I decided to think of the people less well off than myself and hope for sunshine and happiness in their lives. May the messenger of love send some light to these people!


  1. oh thats lovely...congrats on your award xxx

  2. Hello

    I have just followed over from Bellaboo's blog. Am Happy to have found you, You have some Lovely pictures and You also have a Gorgeous golden girl like me :o)



  3. That is such a lovely idea. I am sure there are a lot of people who could do with a little sunshine and happiness in their lives at the moment,
    Congratulations on the award you deserve it.

  4. You really deserve the award, because you really are so nice :)


  5. What a sweet idea! Congrats on your award. You are very deserving.

  6. Congratulations on this award - what a lovely idea, so many could use some sunshine and hope in their lives. Your blog puts sunshine into my day!

  7. lovely award xx that defo something to smile about hehe ;0)xxxx

  8. Thank you all so much as always for your delightful words. I hope you have a brillant weekend whatever you get up to and most of all enjoy yourself.

    All things nice...


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