Oops forgot to pass the award onto 10 blogger friends-so here goes....

Sorry I forgot to pass my award which I received from the lovely Laurie Anne from Rebel Blossom on to 10 blogger friends, I have chosen ten blogs I like to visit from the many blogs I visit on a regular basis. I have added in your profile photos, hope you don't mind, but if they were personal photographs of you I left them out. I know some blogs don't do awards but I'm passing them on to you 10 anyway as I really appreciate you all visiting my blog, taking the time to read my posts and comment on then :) Thank you all so much. Ye all have unique blogs full of inspiration so go check each others blogs out and enjoy :) So I am passing my award on to;

Duchess of Tea- Rose Tea Cottage where tea is served at half past four so why not drop by... I do! It's really posh and I love it!

Bonjour Romance- To put a little ooh la la in your life you got to visit this blog- very french and elegant!

Bellaboo-Bellascountry for vintage treasures, china finds, wonderful walks, lazy days and life in the country with a golden retriever- how adorable!

Tilly Rose- If your creative with fabric and wool like to sew, knit or crochet check out this beuatiful blog- so pink and pretty :)

Crafty Mermaid- for more crafty randomness and lovely details of undercover crafty adventures visit Crafty Mermaid down south in New Zealand- You'll pick up some great crafty inspiration here- I have!

Koralee at Bluebird Notes- To surrond yourself with Loveliness-  go visit this blog, I love the colour blue too :)

Tracey's~Crafty Scraps- For lots of crafts and fun visit Tracey's blog as it will really brighten up your day! Watch out for Stitch the dog, he hides in the photographs. She's a cool gran too :)

Bubbles Thoughts-A country family with 2 kids,15 chickens and a kitty called bubble with lots of crafting and family fun- so many animals, so much fun!

Gypsyrose-Some things from Gypsyrose- A life blog with lovely cardmaking, scrapbooking, photography, and walks in the countryside- check out the mosaics too they are really nice!

Traci at Pictures and Posts of Life and Art-From the US a beautiful blog with lots of crafts, painting, scrapbooking, cooking, decorating (in no particular order). What out for the book reviews too :)

So there you go, thank you all and thanks again to Laurie Anne at Rebel Blossom for the lovely Award


  1. I love all the things on your list! Thanks for tagging me.....xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi hun....thanks for the menrion on your blog...thats lovely! I've not had anything like that before so thank you....
    Karen x x x

  3. Thank you SO much for including me in your 'ten'.It's very exciting for me as it's the first time I've had anything like this!
    Congratulations on your award too.

    Bellaboo x

  4. Lovely awards and all, richly deserved. I am wondering what your snow situation is like now?

    Sarah x

  5. Thank you so much and for your kind words!! xxx

  6. Thank you so much for passing on this award to me. It is so appreciated coming from you and your lovely blog. I'll post about it today.
    Have a fabulous evening in the fair Emerald Isle!

  7. Thanks so much for including me - I saw this yesterday and needed the boost! I've posted about it here - http://crafty-mermaid.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-won-i-won-i-won.html

  8. Thank you so much for this award, it means a lot to me.sorry its taken a while to reply, my husband of 40 years left me and I had to get phone line and internet put on in my name, so now I'm back on line I can accept your award
    got a bit of catching up to do but getting there. thanks again


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