It's oh so quiet......

Where is everyone this evening? Has everyone in blogland gone into hibernation?? This weather is beginning to get me down, does anyone else feel the same way? One of my goals for the New Year was to try and get outdoors more but with the bad weather I haven't got out much. We have no water either and it isn't until your without it, that you realise how much you use it. It's one of those things we take for granted. Anyway in order to sprinkle a little sunshine into blogland today here are a few photographs that make me smile.

Afternoon tea on a summer day? Oh how nice that would be....


A bright blue sky with maybe even a tiny bit of sunshine...

{My own photograph}

Beautiful blooming flowers in the garden

{My own photograph}

Holiday Memories

{My own photograph}


{National Geographic}


  1. I'm feelin' it too! It's been cold and dreary here and I am feeling like running away somewhere warm and sunny to just sit on a beach with a good book.
    Your pictures made me smile...I'm sending you some happy mail soon so you can smile too!
    I'm off to my comfy chair with a pile of books and a cup of cocoa...
    Biggest hugs!

  2. Ahhhh that's better! Thanks for the lovely pics! I'm actually fed up with it now, I need SPRING! xxx

  3. Sending you loads of smiles and hugs your way to brighten your day hunny!
    Soon be summer. Love your photo of the turtle...they are one of my favourite animals!
    Karen x x x

  4. Your photos really brought some much needed sunshine into my life! Fed up with the cold and the SNOW!!More forecast here in the next few days.Spring is just around the corner and all this will be a distant memory.


  5. yes snow is nice on Christmas cards, and from a window in a warm room , but I am so looking forward to spring and some warmer weather,
    love your cheery photos especially the turtle you cant help but smile at him. thanks for brightening a cold dreary day

  6. Love the turtle pic!!

    I said to my husband this morning that I either want a load more snow or for it to be spring...I hate dull, foggy, rainy cold days!! xxx

  7. I left you a little something on my blog! xx

  8. Yikes! No water! That's worse than no sunshine, and I LOVE sunshine!!! I hear what you are saying about the winter getting you down. I feel like I don't get out of the house much. This has been a very bad winter for us in the Northeastern portion of the U.S...very cold and snowy!
    I will be posting some more up lifting photos too. Hopefully it will get us through the winter.
    Stay warm and keep smiling!

  9. ugh!! we're all feeling it I think!!! groan - however isn't it great to be alive!!! (she says sarcasticly!! he he!!!)
    I love your photos attached to this blog - so colouful!! they've cheered me up! :)x


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