Winner of Blogging Your Way e-course

It has been well over a week since I last blogged. Things have been hectic with me between working late and doing a part time course at the weekends, I have no free time to myself. To top that off, I have now come down with some virus and have spent the day in bed and on the sofa. So as you can imagine I am really under the weather and to top that off, I have a deadline for an assignment and training session for my course for the weekend after next.

The good news it though, I entered Holly from Decor8's Blogging Your Way e-course contest to win a place on her next course and guess what??? I WON- I am delighted as I have never had the opportunity to participate in an e-course and envied everyone who got the chance to take part in Holly's Blogging Your Way Course. If you haven't heard about Blogging Your Way, you have to visit the website. The course focuses on creativity and writing with heart, soul and passion.

Decor8 is my favourite blog- full of wonderful images and content- really interesting and personal too, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you must start following it.

Sorry for the short post but when I am feeling better I will be back...


  1. That's great!! Can't wait to hear about what you learn on the course.


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