Spring has Sprung with Flowers at Home...

Things have been busy here these past few weeks. I attended my second flower arranging class again on Tuesday night and it was great. We prepared a basket flower arrangement with some beautiful flowers, lovely shades of pale pinks, lilacs and purples with white mixed through. Hope you like it. I went out for a lovely long walk this evening and picked some wild daffodils from the meadow. I generally don't like picking them but I feel they are wasted out in the middle of a field when my husband will more than likely spray slurry all over the field soon. So my home is full of lovely blooms this week, just what we need for Spring! Today the sky was blue; bright blue skies gives you more energy and entices you outside so much more than the dull days of winter. I get an extra long break from work this week as it is Saint Patrick's Day on Tuesday and I am taking Monday off as well. Hope you have nice plans for the weekend...


  1. Beautiful flowers...have a good weekend:)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight and sending me that lovely comment... It made me feel that writing my blog again IS a good decision! I appreciate that :-) I love your flower photos, the arranging class sounds like fun and I bet the best thing about it is bringing your creation home at the end of it... A lovely hobby indeed. Best wishes from Sweet Like Cinnamon

  3. A flower arranging class sounds like fun. Your creation is so pretty. :)

  4. Ah beautiful flowers again! I always have fresh flowers but don't really arrange them, I would love to learn. Living in England but having had Irish parents, I still love St Patricks Day and we usually have a party, but it's not so great when it's during the week because, of course, it's not a holiday here. This year we are doing it next weekend instead, it won't be the same and my mammie wouldn't be impressed. Happy St Patrick's Day to you and yours xx


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