My 5 favourite things & 5 blogger friends from my Circle of Blog Friends :)

I have just received a lovely Circle of Friends Award from Karen (Kazzy) at a Mermaids Purse, her blog is so pretty with lots of adorable stuff from her home and family. She is very creative and make sure you check out her beautiful drawings.

Ok so now I have to list my  'Five fav things i like doing'and then pass it on to five blogging friends so here goes

No. 1 Drinking tea in front of the fire on a cold dark night;
No. 2 Receiving gifts of any sort;
No. 3 Spending time with my wonderful boyfriend;
No. 4 Spotting some wildlife;
No. 5 Exploring the interior of houses be it old or new.

My list could go on and on forever as there are so many things I like to do, so what do you like to do?

I have decided to pass this award onto five of my blog friends, check out their blogs;

Monika from Monichen R who is blogging from Ireland
Gosia from Pick and Post who is from Poland
Gwendolyn from Hydrangea Heaven who is from the United States
Mummy Boo Bear from Stitchery Pokery who is from the United Kingdom
Glenda from Serendipity Cottage who is also from the United States

So there are five bloggers from my circle of friends, why don't you all visit each other :)

And here is my saying for the day;

Friendships are like flowers
That brighten your day
With fragrance and beauty
To share on life's way.

So treat them like flowers
From the gardener above,
Weed them with mercy
And water them with love.


  1. Congratulations on you Circle of Friends award! You are so are one of the most friendly people I have met in the blogging world..and for that I am so greatful :)

  2. Thank you Laurie, for the award, I have never received one, so I don't know how to do it.
    It's nice to be recognized...I am thrilled...
    Could you please help me with this.
    I always read your blog, and enjoy your sharing little bits of your life...
    Thanks in advance for your help...

  3. Congratulations!!!!
    That was a lovely post
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. Hello Laurie! I was about to switch off my computer but made a snap decision to visit your blog and steal a glance. And.... Tadaaaaah.... That's (a?) huge surprise. Congratulations and thanks for thinking of me. I'm really moved. I guess it's the first award I've got in my entire life!

  5. Bonjour and congratulations on your well deserved award. I enjoyed your list of 5 things you like to do - we have all 5 in common.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank You for the award:DDD I wasn't even thinking that I could get it, You suprised me a lot!!!
    Big hugs to You!!!

  7. Thank you all so much, I hope you checked out the 5 blogs I listed and Mermaids Purse, and of course each others blogs. Somewhere along the line people have got my name mixed up with Laurie Anne's name :) My real name is........ Ashling but when I started my blog I just decided to use the pseudonym 'All things nice', so theres something none of ye knew about me :) I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and are keeping warm as it is very cold here in Ireland but Im snuggled up at the fire :)

    Glenda you dont have to do anything with the award if you wish but if you like you can copy the photograph of it and then add it to your blog and list your 5 favourite things then link to five of your blogger friends from your blogging circle of friends :) Hope that helps.

    All things nice... (Ashling) :)

  8. Ashling ( what a pretty name! - I've never come across this one before ), sorry for 'Laurie'. I shall correct it in my post;)

  9. Thanks Gosia,

    Its the english spelling of the Irish name 'Aisling' which means a dream or a vision :) My mam spelled it Ashling.

    All things nice...


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