Bedroom Ideas...

How about these for pretty bedrooms? You might have guessed I like blue and the country cottage look. I have a walk in wardrobe for my new room so the room itself will be less cluttered. Which is your favourite? Have you any favourite bedrooms yourself? If so, I'd be delighted if you'd share them with us all :)


  1. I like the top right bedroom best, but they're all lovely! :) x

  2. Hello! I just took a few minutes to look at some of your past posts. I am so inspired by all of the fresh and bright, colors and styles. It makes me want to re-do my whole house! Everything looks so pretty.
    Have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend,

  3. the one on the top right is my favorite. I prefer deeper colors and am drawn to the red. I have red sitting chairs in my bedroom and dark wood.

  4. I like the top left hand bedroom. It looks so bright and refreshing x

  5. I really like the red one, the blue on the walls seems really calming. I would dearly love one of the beds featured in that picture - nearly had Mr.Bobbin convinced last year but alas had to settle for making a new headboard for my old one instead!

  6. I've just given you an award, go to buttons, ribbons and other things to see! :) x


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