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Hello everyone, as you may be aware I have been trying my hand at crochet, but I am not progressing very well, I think it has something to do with the type of wool and size of my crochet hook as the hook is very small and it is difficult to see what I've done. So I had a few attempts at crochet and decided that I will turn them into christmas tree decorations and then I began making pom pom which I am also going to use for decorations on the christmas tree. Below are a few photos of my new style crochet :) and also my pom poms. Sorry there are shadows all over the crochet.


  1. Invest in a bigger hook and the sky will be the limit! I use a 4.5 for most things which work out okay mostly! jennyx

  2. Hi hun!
    Well done you for perservering....
    have you tried crcheting with a large hook and chunky yarn?
    It's much easier to check your work?
    Oh I do wish we lived closer....I love crocheting and would love to pop by for a cuppa with my hooks!
    If you need a hand with anything..send an email!
    X x x

  3. You're doing really well with your crochet and I love those pom-poms! I found it was much easier when used thicker wool i.e Robin Chunky,and a size 5.50m.m crochet hook.It just takes'll get there. :0)

  4. Thanks everyone, yes I really need to get a bigger hook and thicker wool. I think the hook I have is 3.5 and my wool is thin. I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

    All things nice...

  5. I don't know how to crochet so I think they look fabulous!!!

  6. They are very sweet, love those soft colours! If you're making pom pom decorations then you might like this pom pom wreath tutorial, I saw it last year but when I saw your post I instantly remembered it, it looks like so much fun!


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