Some shopping...

Hello everyone

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I was out shopping yesterday and got a few items with my vouchers that I got for Christmas, I bought this pretty candle which smells lovely

I also couldn't resist these lanterns they are so elegant and sweet at the same time :) I have them in my bedroom but I will move them around. Sorry my rug is at the bottom of the photograph. I haven't put a candle into them yet.

I also tidied up my workspace, made some more cards, sorry the photographs didn't come out, it's very dull here this morning.

I also tidied up a bit. I was going to take photographs on Saturday as the sun was shining but alas the camera batteries were dead! Im off to IKEA on Tuesday so this time I'll make sure my camera is working, I will not be buying anything big or expensive maybe a cushion or something small but I will get some inspiration I'm sure :) Oh I also got this jar free with Uncle Ben's Rice so I was wondering have you any nice ideas what I could use it for?>> At the minute I have it on my workspace and will put a nice blue ribbon around the top. Again sorry the photograph is so poor.

What have you been up to this weekend? Let me know? Share some photographs with us all :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. good morning,
    I was wondering if you are using Picasa as your picture site, it is wonderful, you can edit light into your pix, and also blog straight from there. Just google Picasa to find out more...
    I do love those lanterns, and that jar, I love that...
    enjoy the day...

  2. lovely candle! and love the lanterns!


  3. Looove the lanterns!!!
    The jar would look lovely with some pretty (little) shells in it or some colourful candy!
    LL Nat
    P.S. Thanks Glenda for that tip on Picasa I will check it out!

  4. Just another thought..., the jar would also look good with some colourful buttons!

  5. Thanks Glenda, my photographs go to it, but I always just take them straight from my files, I must take the time soon and learn how to use it properly, I'm the same with Google Reader I just haven't taken the time to check them out properly but some day soon I will :)
    I have decided on my jar, buttons would be really nice in it but it is quite large so it would take it forever to fill it, so instead I have bits of ribbon in it :)
    I'm off to bed here, thanks for all your help and ideas :)

    All things nice...

  6. The candle is so pretty and when you have burned it right down you can put a night light in it,that's what I do with mine anyway.The jar will look lovely with ribbons in!
    Hope you have a nice time looking round Ikea...I love going, but don't get there very often...bit far from here.

    Bellaboo :)

  7. such lovely treasures!! what wonderful finds ;0) the glass jars and the lantons and the floral glass candle holder- actually all of it hehehehe...your home must be a place of beauty ;0)xxxx

  8. Those lanterns are really cute! You might be surprized about how quickly you can fill that jar with buttons! But you could always use it for both buttons and ribbons! :)


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