Some Living Room/ Sitting Room Ideas...

As you know we moved into our new home two years ago. We have a kitchen/dining room, living room and sun room all decorated, furnished and finished. However we also have another living room, or here in Ireland we would call it "the good sitting room". Years ago most houses had a "good sitting room" which was never really used only at Christmas times and for visitors. Well I have one of those which we have not yet decorated. I can't decide on what colours and style to go for in this room. I was thinking a shade of grey for the walls and have come across some inspiration on pinterest. Below are some of my ideas, I would love to hear if you have any ideas or images which you think I may like.


  1. So pretty! Can't wait to make my own one day!

  2. They are each beautiful; I personally love the last one with the blue furniture and grey walls; so sweet and clean and fresh!!

  3. Lovely pictures, what about yellow with the grey. Laura Ashley have lovely wallpapers,etc. in these colours. I bought the Hydrangea wallpaper for my bathroom but just haven't go around to it yet, need to do some tiling first!


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