Would You Marry A Farmer??

I know some of you are already married and others may not have any interest in marriage, but all you single ladies out there looking for a husband, would you marry a farmer? Well, be honest now, would you?

Do you like country life, perhaps you like animals and nature or would you like to put your wellies to good use? If the answer is yes, then the farmer is for you!

Lorna Sixsmith has provided us all with a witty account of the Irish Farmer as the ideal husband in her book Would You Marry a Farmer? When Lorna posted this question on her blog, she got a phenomenal response and since then she has gone on to write the book. I really enjoyed this book and so much of it is true. The illustrations are cute too. I have already married a farmer so I know first hand what it is like and I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks Lorna for the great read. The book is available online from Lorna's website Irish Farmerette.


  1. I grew up on a small farm and when I was around eight years of age I wanted to marry a farmer with a hundred cows (the cows seemingly being more important than the farmer!) As it turns out I married a city dweller although we do live in the countryside. Farming is certainly a hard life for farmer and wife.

  2. Mairead,

    You are right, it is a hard life, no day offs, the cows always have to be looked after and milked twice daily no matter what happens. If we go away on a Sunday for the day we have to be home early to do the farm and then in the Spring, husband is up lots of the night with cows calving. It is a good healthy lifestyle but difficult. I love rural life and my rural lifestyle though.

    All things nice...


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