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As you all know I am currently a student on Decor8's Blogging Your Way e-course, which I am really enjoying. As part of the course, we are developing mission statements/visions for our blogs, along with lots of other really interesting and thought provoking tasks and discussions. For any of you thinking of blogging or wanting to learn more about blogging, you really should check out the courses they have on offer over on the website, I recommend it highly. Anyway I have been busy developing a mission statement for my blog which I have posted on my About Page and here it is for you all! I am changing my blog layout a little, do you like the grey/white background or did you prefer the floral theme. I would be grateful for any comments or feedback on my mission statement and my blog.....


  1. I love the new look! It is fresh and pretty. I also love all of your latest posts, especially the one about touring rural Ireland - I haven't visited any of the sites you mention but I definitely think I will now. I also love that you mentioned the Guinness pub - my husband and I love that ad, I think we will definitely have to visit for a pint now. Keep up the great work, I'd love to hear more about what you learn on the Decor8 course too.


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