Today I love....

Tea, actually I love tea every day :) And tea is more popular than ever, not just in our homes now but in fashion and design too. Here are a few sweet tea related things I found online that I love... not as just as a big mug of tea though....

No. 1 Tea Time Necklace Accessorize
No. 2 Metallic British Tea Party Stickers Accessorize
No. 3 Frukost Dishtowel, Tea Set Anthropologie
No. 4 Tea Party Cupcake Pendant Swarovski
No. 5 I Would Love a Cup of Tea Brooch Hannah Zakari
No. 6 Betsey Johnson Tea Party Charm Bag Borrow or Steal
No. 7 Alice Tea Time Alloy
No. 8 Miss Tea Sterling Silver White Teacup Ring With Floral Detail My Sugarland
No. 9 Anna Lou I Love Tea Necklace Very
No. 10 Candle Teacups Start London

Now off you go and have a big mug of tea on me :)



  1. I am more of a coffee person but I love my little tea cups and teapots and I love all those pretty tea things! xxx

  2. I love my tea and coffee but tea does seem to relax me more. I love that little teacup ring; adorable! I am having a tea party on Tuesday; I'd love it if you stopped by or even better, participate! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  3. I only drink coffee and peppermint tea, I don't like 'ordinary' tea at all, never have. Like Amy though, I love all pretty tea 'things'! xxx

  4. I have tried and tried to aquire a taste for tea...but to now avail!
    I must say I can drink the brewed kind if I'm with company. I do love herbal teas especially licorice tea!

    I'm a coffee drinker but not the instant kind mostly percolated! (That's the Italian in me)

    You have found some very pretty things indeed!
    I especially like 4 and 10.

    LL Nat:~)

  5. I love my mug of tea in fact I just made one and am drinking it right now,
    you have found some pretty things I have a couple of tea pot thimbles I will try to add them to my blog later
    thanks, your blog is always so interesting
    have a good week.

  6. I have to have my mug( CK one!)of tea to get me going in the morning.
    I have a lot of pretty teacups I've collected over the years and I like the idea of making them into candle holders,as in your number 10...maybe I'll do that with some of mine!

    Bellaboo :o)

  7. What lovely tea time things. I do love a nice cup of tea. xx

  8. I love tea very much and all the lovely pastries, sandwiches,cakes and scones that come along with it.

  9. what a nice gathering of gorgeous things! thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. so sorry i havent been very good at returning the favour! i have worked with neven maguire for many years now so have indeed eaten at the restaurant. lots! in fact heading there for a night away this week too, yum yum. sharon x

  10. tea is my choice too! I wish I knew how to make collages like the one in your post...


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