Some photos from around home.

Hope you had a lovely restful weekend, it's Easter next weekend :) So has Spring Sprung in your part of the world yet? It is beginning to feel more like Spring here now, longer days, greener grass and daffodils :)
Here are a few photographs from last weekend, this weekend I was busy with a family wedding, hope you had a nice one. Back to work in the morning.
A pretty wee church a few mile from my house

A gate house of an old estate

Another gate house on the estate

Some of our daffodils from the local area. The ones in our garden havent bloomed yet

What did you get up to this weekend, sorry I haven't been around alot lately :)


  1. These lovely gatehouses make me daydream...
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. lovely photographs.. it looks gorgeous where you live! ahhh yes, spring has arrived here too, just. we've had crocus and snowdrops and the daffodil buds are just begining to appear, they have been very shy this year.

    warm wishes to you xxx have a wonderful easter week xxx



  3. Spring has been slow coming the southerm Ontario, Canada. We have had rain most of the weekend, but the weatherman is promising double digit temperatures this week...Flowers to follow.

  4. Nice pictures...I love the European-type architecture.

  5. Lovely photos!
    We're in Autumn here in Aus but feels like Spring...the wheather varies between 23-28 just perfect in my book!
    A very happy Easter to all!

    LL Nat :~)

  6. lovely photos! my daffs in my garden were just starting to come out and then the kids picked almost all of them!! xxx

  7. Lovely buildings and flowers! I adore the church! I appreciate little churches; they are so quaint. Thank you for sharing and would love to have you stop by one of these days! Happy Easter to you and your family.



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