Happy Weekend Again :o)

Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going well, I've been busy with work and have a family wedding next weekend. Today I went to town and also tried to get abit of sewing in, so I managed to get less than 30 minutes but at least I got to do some :)
Here are a few photographs of what I sewed, I'm a learner so excuse the poor quality of the sewing but its unique and I'm proud of what I did :) Thanks to lovely Karen at Tilly Rose for the beautiful fabric :)

And here is a photograph of the Mother's Day card I made for my Mam

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the sunshine. I'm off to search for some daffodils in the fields later and take a walk around the farm :)


  1. ...he he i just sent a message on the other posting! then to my surprise you just posted this- lovely! i hope you find daffadils around the fields and farm ;0)xxxx lovely ptachwork fabrics! you have been busy ;0)xxxx

  2. What a beautiful card, I would love a card like that from one of my kids for Mother's Day.
    Patchwork blocks look great. Have a nice time search for some daffodils.

  3. My daffs are beginning to appear! It's been so mild and sunny....fantastic! Love the fabric...xxx

  4. I'm also a learner on the sewing machine. :)
    Your sewing is really very good. :) xxxx

  5. I'm just starting to learn patchwork.Your sewing is great!My miniature daffs have just come out in the front garden,and there are a few appearing around the village now too.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. lovely card! how creative! xxx


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