Pretty Pink Parcel in the Post.....

I was very excited yesterday evening when I got home from work :) I had this lovely parcel full of goodies from Tilly Rose. She is an expert crafter and is just launching her new shop online, be sure to pay it a visit. She is busy working on it at the moment, it is so lovely with lots of lovely things :)
Check out the treasures I got, I have never had so much fabric before, so this weekend I will be very busy crafting away :) I have another heart to sew and this is a really pretty one, take a look at it below. If any of you have any suggestions for other small projects for me, let me know.

Pretty Pink Parcel
And look what I found inside :)
and more...
And lots more...
And even more...
And still more...
And Tilly Rose also included this pretty fabric heart template.. which I will finish off this weekend, fingers crossed I won't make a mess of it. Check out some of her completed hearts which she sells in her shop.
And then there was a bag full of this...
Ribbons, lace, buttons and fabric flowers :)
How lovely are these...
I was so happy and excited to recieve all this from Tilly Rose, she is a truly generous and kind person and I really appreciate that. I have found so many wonderful blogger friends and I really appreciate all the support and kindness from you all :) Thank you Karen from Tilly Rose :)


  1. what a lovely gift you received, the material is so pretty as are the ribbons and other bits, can see you will have a lot to keep you busy for a while, look forward to seeing what you make

  2. Oh bless you!
    Thank you for such a lovely thank you hun! I'm so glad it will bring you some joy...that's what life is all about...sharing a smile with someone!
    Karen x x x

  3. This is one parcel I wouldn't mind recieving at all!!!
    Everything is so pretty!!!
    Those materials would look pretty as a lap would certainly brighten you up on a cold winters' night!
    It's good to have friends like Tilly!

    LL Nat:~)

  4. What a perfectly pink package to receive...

  5. Very nice, and very generous. xxx


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