Pretty Cottage at Kylemore Abbey Victorian Gardens

How pretty is this gardener's cottage! I fell in love with it when I visited a few weekend ages. It is the gardener's cottage at Kylemore Abbey Victorian Walled Gardens- the largest walled gardens in Ireland and unique as it was built on bogland. It is such a cute looking cottage with its white walls and teal windows, trimmings and fencing. It overlooks the walled gardens which are spectacular. Have a look at my photographs below and for more information visit Kylemore Abbey.


  1. Some day (I can only dream) I will visit Ireland and see all this beauty for Myself.I have not traveled much out of the US but if I ever get a chance I would love to fly right over. Ireland's countryside is dreamy to Me.

  2. It's many years since I visited Kylemore Abbey, don't remember this garden at all, it's very pretty and very neat too, lovely photos.

  3. Oh that cottage!!! I think I am in love too! It is beautiful. I will definitely try visit this Abbey to have a look for myself!

  4. Great photos.
    I hope to visit Ireland someday.


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