Some nice blue interiors...

I just adore any shade of blue, it is very relaxing and calming, mixed with white. Have any of you blue and whites in your interiors?


  1. I do love blue and white! And I do love yellow, so I am liking that blue and yellow couch!

  2. JUST FOUND this post...all things blue make me amazingly happy! Love that wall filled with fun frames.
    Off to visit around your blog some more. xo

  3. Lovely inspiring photos!
    Sadly I don`t have a blue amd white room. So it was nice to see the ones that you just shown!
    By the way congratulations with your new home!
    It must be so very exciting!
    Also thanks for following me!
    I`m following you too!

    Take care,

  4. I love that colour combination,as you say it's so calming.I have blue and white in the bathroom,with a touch of yellow.Like your little mosaic.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  5. Oh my, most of my home is blue and white with some black pieces (for the gender balance). I'm posting some pics in the coming months, watch this space!

    Lovely collage!xx


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