A relaxing Bank Holiday Weekend...

This weekend was a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland :-) Don't you just love long weekends! I hope you all had a nice weekend, did you get up to anything nice??? I Spent some time with my boyfriend and enjoyed the good weather :-) Here are a few photographs I took of the Forest Park...


  1. What a lovely place to visit..looks like you had good weather for your bank holiday too!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Long weekends are the best, the Forest Park is a very peacefull looking place to spend the day. I hope you had a great time:)

  3. how very beautiful forest park looks ;0)xx your phooto's look sooo stunning and the views x sorry its Hull by the way x

  4. Nice you enjoyed your weekend !
    You've taken beautiful pictures of the Forest Park, seems like a wonderful place !

  5. I ADORE long weekends, we have one coming up, yipee!!!

    Lovely photos, looks like you had a very inspiring time with nature! :-)

  6. I love these pictures! Plans on a trip to Ireland are brewing. I can't wait!


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