Life in the Country....

Oh how I love life in the Countryside...


  1. I love peacocks, they really are stunningly handsome and aristocratic aren't they?
    Thank you for your lovely comment, so glad you liked the studion,

    Sarah x

  2. You're making me daydream of the holidays even more with your lovely pictures!

    Have a super sweet Summer week. xx

  3. You cant beat living in the countryside, your photos are lovely as always,

  4. I love your pictures here! The peacock is so pretty. I would love to see those wild where I live!

  5. I agree with you.It was my dream to live in the countryside and we used to drive down from London and visit my parents in their lovely village and long to be living down here...and now we do!

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. We love in the country too...sort of, its so pretty and peaceful!

  7. Beautiful photos! I hope you are well! I haven't been around much and miss exchanging regular msg's with you.

  8. I go to Paris every day for my job,I really know this town very well and I think that it's a very beautifull and attractive city but I like so much live in countryside (60 kms from Paris) in my little cottage!I need silence,flowers,garden...and my 3 dogs,my cat and hens are happy here!
    I love Ireland,England,Scotland because countryside in these countries is so gorgeous!!...


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