Oh to Live in a Grand House in the Irish Countryside

The sunshine yellow room, with beautiful fireplace, mirror and grand bookcase.

The blue room, very elegant with pretty porcelain tiles on the fire surround
The grand red room, this is the ladies room,
Look at that plaster work on the ceiling and moulding, and the mirror is very elaborate.
Another wonderful room, those windows are so grand and I love the shutters.
Wouldn't you love that view every day...
and to eat in this dining room...
and when your day is over, retreat up these stairs to bed...
Oh to live in a grand house in the Irish Countryside


  1. My hubby's family used to live in a grand house in Bandon(he came to live in England when he was nine) and they had a whisky distillery there.We went over there a few years back so he could show me where he was brought up,but sadly the house fell into disrepair,and the man my father-in-law sold it to ,pulled it down and built a modern house in its place,so I never got to see it.We have some photos though.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. I love that bookcase and the louldings are my favorite. I'm sure you got alot of inspiration here for your new house. I am so happy for you, hope all is going well!
    Happy Sunday,

  3. what majestic place!! beautiful interiors, i must say! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. All of the pictures that you post of Ireland are so beautiful. My husband and I are thinking that we would like to take a trip there soon. I am wondering if you have any advice on things that we MUST do and see?? Also, if you know anything about tours, hotels, etc, we'd love your input. We're thinking possibly escorted tours with sort of a package deal that includes some meals. Just want to be sure we're seeing what we shouldn't miss. :) Thanks!!

  5. Haha that would be very nice indeed! Although I have to say I'm more of a cottage girl at heart but living back in the countryside would be good :-)

    Love the old fireplace and gilt mirrors!

  6. A house in the Irish countryside would be a dream come true! I love that yellow wall!

  7. What a sumptuous house !
    I love mirrors and great celling height!
    I would like to live in a house like that of course,but a little cosy cottage is a very lovely place too!

  8. Oh, I would like to move into the yellow room please.


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