Summer Time Fun :)

Today I went off on my adventures again and here are some photographs to share with you. We went to Belvedere House and Gardens. I hope you are all enjoying the lovely Summer, the weather is fabulous here! So perfect! I get to work from home tomorrow which is a nice change. Hope all the Dads out there had a nice Fathers Day too :)
Here is a folly on the estate. This is the largest folly in Ireland. For those of you who may not know, a folly is an ornamental building serving no useful purpose, mostly built to adorn the landspace. Here is the jealous wall built in 1760 in the style of a ruined medieval abbey to block the view of a larger house nearby resulting from a quarrel over a lady. Doubt these things happen today!!
Another view of the folly!
Here is the large house on the estate known as Belvedere House. The estate comprises of 160 acres along the lake. The house is a large Georgian Villa designed by architect Richard Castles. There is also a wonderful Victorian Walled Garden.

Come with me through the arch to the Secret Walled Garden..

It was so sunny today.. wish it was like this every day...
Another folly on the estate; the Gothic Arch
Spectacular views of the lakeshore
So peaceful and relaxing
What a perfect Sunday, thank you for taking the time to enjoy my photographs and letting me share my memories with you...
Hope you all enjoyed your day too :)


  1. It's all so beautiful! I love it. I actually never knew what a folly was, so thanks for the information!

  2. What a wonderful,atmospheric place and as you say,so peaceful.Your photos are very good..thankyou for showing us your day.

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. What a fabulous place - would love to have lived there - perfectly situated by the shores of a lake. Will you be modelling your self-build on this one?

  4. Love the pics and the history behind them :) Oh, to have a man build a wall of that magnitude out of jealousy for me...ummm, a little creepy and possessive, no?!?!? :)

    Happy new week to you!

    xo Cat

  5. I have ONE thing in my "bucket list" and that is to visit Ireland! I have family that lives there and I would love to see where my Grandparents came from. I love to visit your blog and thank you for sharing some wonderful places with us. I have two awards for you if you would like can get them from my blog "Anna Clo't and Me" (Anna is my Irish grandmother)

  6. Oh what a lovely spot...I wish I was with you...I have never been to is at the top of my list. I have always adored the country cottages of that area...have a lovely week. oxox


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