One of the Treasures of Ireland... Castle Leslie

So I said I would post some of my photographs from my visit to Castle Leslie for Afternoon tea on Sunday. It is really one of Ireland's treasures- such a wonderful setting and so unique! The architecture and interiors are amazing! It tops all of the historic country homes/castles I have visited in Ireland and I have visited a lot! Those of you who read my blog will be aware that I love visiting heritage sites in the Irish Countryside. So to begin my tour of the Castle, below are a few photos....

Firstly the music room- full of lovely paintings and photos with stunning views over the lake..
The enchanting Blue Room where afternoon tea was served! The wallpaper was so detailed and it was the perfect setting for tea with views out over the gardens...

We visited the library but didn't have time to read any books. I did spot a photograph on the shelf of Uncle Jack Leslie though...

Below are some photographs of the cocktail bar area in the long room and the dining room...

Another image of the library and to the right is a fire place in the toilets! Yes that is the ladies toilets..

 And finally a view of the main entrance...

If you haven't visited yet, make sure to put it on your "To Do List". Glaslough village is really quaint as well so make a day of it! Also if you want to visit the castle for tea or food, make sure you book in advance! To see some more images of the village visit my previous post Glaslough Village, Monaghan, Ireland... Pretty as a Picture or for more information on Castle Leslie visit their website
P.S for anyone that wants a wonderful setting for a wedding, you should visit Castle Leslie, and no I am not getting commission!


  1. looks like a lovely time, the rooms are all so elegant and stately....the building on the outside is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos. I feel I need a long room so I could have a cocktail bar! Julie x

  3. What a stunning property both inside and out! The blue room is so pretty and the perfect spot for afternoon tea which is something I always enjoy!

  4. Love your photos! The blue room was my favourite when I was there, love that wallpaper!!


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